Environmentalists Hate Black People

The rabid eco-religionists have had no luck getting white people to adopt their crazy ideas of abandoning fossil fuels. White people will not stop driving cars or using electricity, so the only people left on the planet that can be forced to do the bidding of Al Gore are the poor blacks in under-developed countries. In the name of the environment, the poor blacks on the earth will have all of their kerosene taken away. And if they want to have power? They have to work for it at slave wages.

From CNET’s Green Tech blog here:

The push for energy-efficient lighting in the developed world focuses on replacing wasteful incandescent bulbs with compact fluorescents and LEDs. In developing regions, however, kerosene lanterns still bring dim nighttime light to an estimated 1.6 billion people.

Engineers, start-ups, nonprofit groups, social entrepreneurs, and venture capitalists involved are working on portable flashlights and fixtures powered by solar panels and even bicycle-like pedaling contraptions.

Kerosene lamps cost less than a dollar. How are the world’s poor supposed to afford 3 dollar mercury-filled lightbulbs? Solar powered flashlights? Bicycle contraptions? Oh, I’m sure they will try to make everyone else pay for it somehow in the form of taxes. Why not just give them more kerosene?

And check out this racist photo in the gallery section:

That’s right, Eddy. Pedal your black ass off for the white man, and be sure to smile while you do it. We want to make everyone think your six hours of labor at 25 cents per hour looks fun!

From the accompanying text here:

In Haiti, the company set up a system so that people can rent portable LED lights, which are recharged by plugging into a generator powered by a bicycle-like device, for $2 per month. Kerosene lamp refills, by contrast, cost around $3.50 per month. Six hours of pedaling charges the 12-volt battery. Each 1.5-watt LED light running several hours every night should last a month.

Six hours of pedaling to save $1.50 per month. Maybe we can get an environmentalist to stand behind the black people with a horse whip to make sure they pedal harder.

3 comments on “Environmentalists Hate Black People
  1. Damn fine post Pat!

    That smug, superior, white environmentalist in the picture insists that those poor blacks remain mired in their God-forsaken, third-world squalor, but when it gets dark, he’ll be on his air-conditioned, expensively-fueled, well-lit plane ride back to his mom and step-dad’s house in Berkeley where he’ll tell his drug-addled, hippie friends how quaint the “coloreds” are peddling their asses off so the kids can do their homework.

  2. A “social entrepreneur” is a privileged, white liberal who enjoys the trappings of modern civilization but thinks it’s quaint to force others to live in the 11th century. Six hours of pedaling to recharge a battery….you’ve got to be kidding me!

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