Like OMG! You Can Go to Jail for That?

You just don’t hear much about female hackers, and in this case, I don’t think the girls were doing as much hacking as much as unauthorized use of a computer account. What is really unusual is that this was a lesbian couple that perpetrated this so-called prank. What started out as a joke looks like it got way out of hand. Two ditsy lesbian California girls are going to the poke. But will they share a cell? No? Awwwww. That’s sad.

From the AP here:

LOS ANGELES – Two students each face up to a year in jail for a prank that involved hacking into a professor’s computer, giving grades to other students and sending pizza, magazine subscriptions and CDs to the professor’s home.

Lena Chen, 20, and Jennifer Ngan, 19, face misdemeanor charges of illegally accessing computers. The pair, both students of California State University, Northridge, are scheduled to be arraigned Aug. 21.

An investigation showed the professor’s network account had been accessed without her permission and grades were assigned to nearly 300 students, prosecutor Robert Fratianne said.

The professor’s campus e-mail was being forwarded to an account established by Chen and Ngan, investigators said.

Prosecutors also alleged Chen and Ngan used personal identifying information found on the university system to order food, magazine subscriptions and a shipment of blank CDs to the professor’s home.

Lena’s Xanga site is here. More digging found both of their online dating sites. Lena is here. Jennifer is here. Jennifer links to her photos of their magical trip to Disney together here, where in her photo captions she states that she is falling for Lena.

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