Layoffs at Fireeye

Remember when Fireeye purchased Mandiant for a whopping Billion dollars? Everyone said they were crazy, including me. Crazy or not, Fireeye is missing its sales goals and now 10% of their workforce just got the ax.


From CNBC here:

Cybersecurity firm FireEye said it planned to layoff 300 to 400 of its 3,400 workers as it announced quarterly sales on Thursday that missed its own forecast and the company also cut its full-year outlook.

He said the business was not growing as quickly as anticipated because of a revenue slowdown at its services division, which helps businesses respond to cyber attacks.

They don’t stop the number one attack which is weaponized documents. They have focused on APT attacks and forensics. But even the recent DNC attack was due to weaponized documents. If you think the bloodbath at Fireeye is bad, rumors are that Cisco will be a plague- with 14,000 jobs to be cut soon.


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