Time to Round Up All the Asspies

In the wake of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, it was revealed that Adam Lanza, the evil killer of those children and teachers had Aspergers syndrome according to many reports. Aspergers is often described as leaving its sufferers incapable of determining right from wrong and unsympathetic or unempathetic to the feelings of others. The Virginia Tech Hokie killer, Cho Seung-Hui was reportedly an Asspie. The most notorious hacker, Gary McKinnon, avoided extradition and criminal charges by having Aspergers. Many liberals are now clamoring to confiscate guns from law-abiding citizens, but guns aren’t the problem. Asspies are. The time to round these uncaring misfits up is now.

Hokie Killer and Noted Asspie Seung Cho.

Adam Lanza, noted Asspie tried to beat Cho's High Score for murder.

Adam Lanza, noted Asspie tried to beat Cho’s High Score for murder.

We should have an arm-flapping forced march across the prairie, pushing these uncaring, souless people into a Supermax facility. Since they have no compassion or emotion, its not like it would be a “Trail of Tears” or anything. Maybe a “Trail of Fail.” Once they arrive at their concentration camp, each will be assigned a hugbox and allowed to access an internet bulletin board where they can annoy normal people with their self-absorbed ramblings.

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