SIRI Won’t Say How to Abort Your Baby

That Rapscallion Steve jobs programmed some sort of twisted morality into his iPhone prior to shuffling off his mortal coil according to an emergent lawsuit by the ACLU against Apple. Apparently, you can ask Siri, the voice activated AI helper app how to find a prostitute and how to hide a dead body, but it won’t tell you how to find an abortion clinic. And boy howdy, those leftists are pissed now.

From CNET here:

It’s funny how Siri works. She will tell you where you can find an escort, drugs, or guns but can’t seem to help if you are seeking birth control or abortion clinics.

Today, the ACLU launched a petition that asks Apple to fix the “glitch” in the voice-activated service on the iPhone 4S so it provides useful information to people seeking information on reproductive resources.

Siri spews out information in response to all sorts of controversial queries, including “where can I get some dope” and “where can I dump a dead body,” notes the blog that first reported on the problem. And if you are desperate for some physical intimacy it will refer you to escort services, as well.

So vices appear to be fine, but Siri has a problem with reproductive information. CNET tested Siri, asking for “abortion clinics” and “birth control” and was told “I don’t see any” in both instances. But when asked “where can I shoot a gun?” Siri supplied the name of a gun shop 20 miles away.

Maybe this proves that Siri is smart and just doesn’t want anything to do with the decision to abort a baby. But it certainly proves that the ACLU wants to sue its way into your internet search results.


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