Suicide at the Van Dorn Metro

Some woman’s final act in life was to become a major inconvenience to commuters in the DC Metro Area. The woman jumped in front of the train at the Van Dorn Metro Blue Line Station. Northern Virginia residents are very nice, almost to a fault. Certainly there weren’t any angry black women to throw coffee at her like in the video below while shouting “I got places to be, go die somewhere else bitch!”

From the WashingtonExaminer here:

An adult woman was killed after she jumped into the path of an inbound train at the Van Dorn Street Metro station, becoming the transit system’s first suicide of 2012.

Police believe she intentionally put herself into the path of the train based on video footage, plus accounts from witnesses and the train operator, Metro spokesman Dan Stessel said.

Trains had to share a single track around the area after the 7:15 a.m. incident. Delays were occurring in both directions from the station. The train that hit her had been cleared from the area as of 9:35 a.m. but the track remained closed as the investigation and clean up continued.

Her death was the second suicide attempt of 2012.

Commuting in and out of DC is considered to be the worst commute in the nation on a good day. We sometimes get jumpers on bridges, protesters in the streets, or suicides on the railways, and this is the surest way to garner zero sympathy from anyone that has to make that commute. I don’t have to do the commute often anymore and I still say good riddance to rubbish.

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