August 9, 2009

Jack Daniels Master Distiller

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Jack Daniels Distiller , originally uploaded by BelchSpeak.

Sad Day. Jimmy Bedford, the former Master Distiller of Jack Daniels died at age 69.  From MSNBC here:

Jimmy Bedford, the slender and silver-haired former master distiller of the Jack Daniel’s whiskey during a 40-year career with the company, died Friday. He was 69.

His body was found outside a barn at his farm in Lynchburg, apparently the victim of a heart attack, company officials said.

Bedford retired in March 2008 after spending 20 years as the master distiller supervising the entire operation at the 143-year-old distillery in Lynchburg, the oldest registered one in the United States. Among his duties was tasting the whiskey before it was sent to retailers.

This master craftsman will be missed.

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