Haitian Culture is Stupid and Deadly

Everything Haitian is steeped in failure. Case in point, a New York illegal immigrant from Haiti set fire to her daughter’s head in some kind of oogie-boogie ritual she learned from her spectacular failure of a culture.

From the WSJ here:

Prosecutors say a New York City woman admitted setting fire to her young daughter during a voodoo ritual by pouring flammable liquid on the girl’s head and igniting it, scarring her body.

Marie Lauradin (lah-hahr-DAHN’) pleaded guilty Wednesday to first-degree assault by pouring the liquid on her then-6-year-old daughter at their Queens home in 2009.

Prosecutors say Lauradin poured the accelerant on her daughter’s head and in a circle on the floor as part of a voodoo practice involving a loa, or spirit.

Prosecutors say the judge indicated he would sentence her to 17 years in prison. She also faces possible deportation back to her native Haiti.

It takes two years to put a stupid voodoo woman in jail for child abuse? Just deport this witch and make her sit in a tent city surrounded by filth like the rest of her wonderful culture in Haiti is enjoying at the moment. Is it any wonder that a group of people that worships dead chickens have to sit in tents and marvel at the advanced technology of modern constructed buildings and wonder how they come into being? When liberals talk about diversity, I like to remind them of Haitians, and ask what they have to contribute to society, and watch them stutter trying to equalize that culture to our own modern one.

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6 comments on “Haitian Culture is Stupid and Deadly
  1. fuck the both of you america just jumps on shit like this every fucking time when it involves us haitians but in america you basterds are doing the same damn thing to each other like fucking raping your own kids murdering the old people and causing earthquake’s all across the world and killing innocent people not the mention your are the biggest bullies claiming even america which never really belonged to you in the first place and dont even get me started when you bigs had us as slaves also running around playing god and doing clonning and everybody body else hates you basterds always trying top bully your way into other people country trying to take over pretending to help but really you have different plots like taking other country’s oil supply and natural resource you fucking bigs

  2. Haiti is now 4th world, I have seen some real good doctors come out of haiti upper class, its an ignorance thing 88% are illiterate.

  3. Granted, I appreciate your comment on Haitian culture as stupid and dangerous. Considering your isolating one incident to vilify a whole nation, that tells a lot about your better judgment
    On the heels of your critics, you must add:
    Haiti a rape nation by the 5Gs to control order
    Haiti resources and Gold sitting in Fort-Knox stolen
    Haiti deprive of education…a result of GOV officials fraud charity fundraising
    Haiti a black nation that threatens security at an early stage of modern revolution.
    Shall I go on….
    Your God said, let those who suffer from injustice come to me…. my revenge will be swift….
    Need I say more???

  4. At the end of the day Dr. Jones, I do sympathize with you for the abuse that this poor 6 yrs old have to suffer for the rest of her life…. a tragedy like all the Devils in this world. But, we learn to live despite our oppressions.
    That is the HAITIAN MOTO!!!!

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