Hilarious Emo Fatty Lesbian Cutter Sierra Tickner

Some fat chick went on CBS 9 last night to complain that, although she is a gross fatty who looks like she went 9 rounds with Wolverine, there should be some type of support system that could have helped her to stop being fat, stupid and self-mutilating.

Sierra who lists herself as unsurprisingly a single lesbian on her facebook page, is really into World of Warcraft, manga, and loves songs by angry feminists. Oh, and she LOVES the razor blades.

Sierra, you know what you needed when you were 13 and cutting? this:

Now that her Dad has finally fulfilled her desire to be an attention whore by putting her “fail scars” on the nightly news, maybe she can get more self esteem by forcing herself to puke and becoming a bit skinnier. All the girls with zero self esteem are doing it.

60 comments on “Hilarious Emo Fatty Lesbian Cutter Sierra Tickner
  1. First of all, this page is hilarious; not because of its initial content but because of all the uproar Pat, the troll king has caused. Nice job Pat, I am sincerely impressed. Are people who find this so offensive really idiotic enough to return to this page multiple times just to post angry comments when you know that trolls like Pat and lurkers like me are just going to sit at home lawling at them for hours?? Get lives.

    Second of all, Sam Kephart, I knew both you and Sierra in high school and you were mean as shit to her even after you stopped going to CCHS. For you to go out of your way to spew all of this hypocritical nonsense to people you don’t even know is pathetic. You always were an enormous attention whore, so I guess it makes sense for you to be capitalizing on all of the attention gaining that comes from the death of someone you know….I guess I had just always assumed that people generally grew up a little after high school.

  2. Anon, if you think that is the case you obviously don’t know me now. True Sierra and I had our ups and downs but every friend will have their ups and downs, she and I did things to each other, but we were mature enough to get over ourselves and not only apologize but to except each others apologies. The thing is I’m not capitalizing on Sierra’s death for attention. After school she and i became much closer than we ever were during school. I don’t care who you are, but it seems the one thing that you do have right is comparing yourself to Pat. You are just like him apparently. Congrats for trying to be a jerk. Perhaps you should do your research before you try to insult someone.

  3. I knew Sierra before she entered high school she was and truly now is an angel. She was the sweetest kid I had ever had the pleasure of meeting. As I sit here crying wondering to myself how people can be so cruel to someone who wouldn’t hurt a fly. She self harmed because she was so damn hurt inside by people like the ones on here that she took it out on her self. I came across this page today and lord knows I wish I hadn’t. Because one day I hope you feel the way you are making her friends and family and all of us who loved her dearly. I hope you feel as if your heart is broken and the tears just won’t stop . To those of you who created this site you disgust me

  4. I can’t believe this is from 7 years ago, but what’s more surprising is what they’re saying in this post. They’re telling this girl to become a bulimic. Was this not frowned upon back then? If some one is cutting, don’t make a post telling them to throw up to lose weight and don’t tell them that they need a slap in the face. They’re going through shit, and they don’t need your shit. Your not helping, your making it worse.

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