If This is the Cure, Let’s Keep the Disease

Yeah, I know we need to find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.  But publishing a Naked Clown Calendar is not the way to do it.

The calendar is published to generate money for the Judy Finelli Fund.  Judy Finelli tried to re-invent clowing until she was striken with MS.  From the NakedClownCalendar site here:

Judy Finelli had a dream; a vision that would redefine the American Circus.  Judy’s dream was fully realized when in 1984, along with Wendy Parkman, she co-founded the San Francisco School for Circus Arts (now Circus Center). The Circus Center is a driving force of the New American Circus movement.

Suddenly, in 1989, Judy was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. The illness progressed quickly, removing her ability to perform and disabling her to the point of quadriplegia by 2004. In spite of the effects of this devastating disease, Judy has remained an inspiration to the students of the Circus Center.

100% of the net proceeds from the sale of this calendar go to the Judy Finelli Fund.

Kittens make great calendars.  So do puppies.  Naked clowns are usually the last thing a child remembers when they wake up from the chloroform-induced coma.  They shouldn’t be on a calendar.

But a quadriplegic clown?  Finally, a clown that can make me laugh.  If you have big plans to take clowning to the next level, and you become completely disabled by disease, maybe God is trying to make you stop.  Or maybe He likes His clowns on wheels.

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