The Celebrity Belch Page!

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Within these next few links you will find photos of various popular celebrities and their corresponding belches! Some of the stars are very proud of their performances, and others are downright embarrassed by their rude behavior.

But all of these belches are rare and were difficult to obtain. Click on the celebrity name you would like to hear.


Julia Roberts
Jerry Seinfeld
Justin Timberlake
Michael Jackson
Alicia Silverstone
Angelina Jolie
Britney Spears
Howard Stern
Kanye West
Jennifer Lopez
Jeff Probst
Jennifer Love Hewitt
Kathy Lee Gifford
Rosie O’Donnell
Katie Holmes
Tom Cruise
Howie Mandel
Lindsay Lohan
Cameron Diaz
Alec Baldwin

All celebrity belches have been impersonated. This is mostly due to the fact that none of the presented celebrities would return my email or phone calls for belch requests. All, except for of course, Jerry Seinfeld, who eagerly provided the belch within the same hour of contact, as, he explained, he had very little else to do these days.

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