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She can't Belch
If you were among those who went to "The Parent Trap" and there were millions of you who did, you saw classy Natasha Richardson let loose with an enormous burp. Sorry, folks, but just as you're overcoming your shock concerning the prerecorded taps in "Riverdance," we must rock your world once more - the burp was fake. Natasha tells the Chicago Tribune, "I opened my mouth and put my hand over it as if I was going to to burp, But actually I can't belch to save my life so they added that with sound effects." (Hmmm. Wonder if they brought in "The Simpsons' "Barney Gumble?)

What??!!!  A famous good looking Hollywood Celebrity that can't burp??! Then how did she ever get the part?  Maybe they should have signed Rosie O'Donnell.


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