Reasons why Netscape sucks.

Gotta get IE 4.0 to see this Java Applet!

Yes, that’s right, I am going out on a limb here and being politically incorrect by saying that an "underdog" product and company sucks. Especially in this era of anti-trust motions of the Department of Justice versus Microsoft™, I still assert that Netscape™ Corp.’s products of Navigator® and Communicator® and company as a whole, just plain suck. In the following paragraphs, I will offer detailed explanations why this is so.

But first, take notice that I did not title this page "Reasons why IE rules." Even though I think it does, I titled this page this way as a counter to the hundreds and thousands of pages out there that bash Microsoft™ and Internet Explorer®. In opposition to these pages that invariably make statements about the product and offer no proof for their arguments, I will back up my statements with proof below.

I have tried, used heavily, and technically supported on a professional basis, both Internet Explorer® and Netscape Navigator®/Communicator®. I prefer Internet Explorer for the following reasons:

1. Smooth Integration in the OS

2. Integration with Microsoft Office® Applications and Exchange® Email

3. Will allow users a choice of browser.

4. Simple, Intuitive Interface

I have heard dozens of "lame" excuses for people not wanting to use IE which range from "It puts trash all over your hard drive," to "Microsoft won’t stop till they take over the world." All silliness aside, here are a few technical reasons why some people will not use IE.

1. Java code was altered by MS for IE

2. HTML code not displayed the same

3. IE channels

4. Fear of "big brother taking over"

Why I hate Netscape™ as a product

1. Buggy

2. Will not uninstall properly

3. Will not integrate into MS OS or other products

4. Latest versions are bloated with 3rd party apps on primary interface

Why I hate Netscape™ as company.

1. They whine like little kids

2. Cutting own throats on the marketplace with software design

3. Promote fears of innovation by bashing Microsoft who carries them Piggyback

4. Pursued and opened Pandora’s box with the DOJ.

5. Forced MS to alter software to include IE4 code to prevent DOJ actions, slowing down software.


I make my salary supporting Microsoft Products on local area networks. And since Netscape is whining, unwilling to innovate to the point of integration into Microsoft products, and causing harm to a company that indirectly pays my bills, I will not choose to operate any Netscape products on any local area network I build, maintain and support.

Netscape sucks, and until they stop their whining and develop a product that integrates better with Windows, I will steer no business their way.

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