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It seems that many of Belch.Com's fans love to submit multiple belches, which is just fine with me.  What is really cute though, are the groups of submissions by whole families, as noted in places below.

It seems that a British family, the Griffiths, (no relation to Andy) sat around one evening and submitted these five samples from son Tom and his father. They wanted to display, as Tom said, "Good old British wind." Nice going guys!

Tom's first is a quick, open mouthed burp.

The next one was a four-bagger with increasing tone.

Next is a loud roar, again by Tom.

Tom's final act is a triple burp.

Tom's Dad gets in on the act with this painful sounding shout, followed by the gales of laughter of gathered relatives.

Justin Kupanoff, a fanatical Belch lover, submitted the next 10, yes, 10 belches for this website. All of them can be downloaded from the files page in a single zip file, or individually below. Thanks, Justin!

Justin Kupanoff, one of Belch.Com's most rabid Belch fans, submitted this one that sounds like he is blowing his tonsils out!

This one is slow and chunky.

Quick and full mouthed.

A long, slow warbler.

Justin got inventive with this one, mixed with some reverb.

A long reverb mix, courtesy of Justin.

Full bodied flavor.

A humorous stuttering burp.

Another reverb; sounds a bit like the invading alien from Star Trek IV.

And finally, this eruction.

The following submissions come to by way of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. Steve Loken, Marc Leroyer and Norm Redmond just want the world to know "how good we Canadians are at belching." Well, many thanks, guys! I am certain our readers will enjoy the following, beginning with this one.

Here is one that sounds like a double.

This one should get a B+ for duration.

Great tone in this eruction.

This one was coughed up too.

This one sounds like the belch is winning and the burper is losing.

This one must have given the guy stomach cramps from the strain.

This is a nice thick one. You can almost hear the chunks in it.

The next three items come to from Brad and Stephanie Grant. Thank Ye! This is a belch that was digitally enhanced. It sounds like someone belching into the wrong end of a tuba.

I think this is the source belch sound used to enhance the sound above. Very long and clear.

This is the hilarious result of mixing the two sounds above. It sounds like Godzilla after emptying out a large brewery!

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