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Bikes and Babes

I love Key West and I love travel posters. Combine the two and it’s my favorite art. This was...

Keepin’ It Real: Shovel Street Fight

Hey, this clip isn’t racist since it was animated by the Taiwanese! A bunch of street hoods have a brawl, heads get whacked with a shovel, and the fight breaks up when the cops cruise into view.

I think the fight was because snitches get stitches.

Dog Park Hump Day

I was hanging out with the sheepdog at the dog park and watched her play with a four-month-old bulldog puppy. The big sheepdog is very gentle and everyone was having a blast until the pug jumped in to get all humpy.

Spiral Climb

Got to explore the Key West lighthouse this afternoon. The narrow spiral staircase is 88 steps to the lookout...