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CISSP Clownage

As I’d mentioned before, the new head of ISC2 once threatened to have my CISSP revoked because I dared to rightfully criticize the terroristic actions of another fellow member. Now this video below really...

Congratulations President Mom Britches

Mom-jeans wearing, teacher’s lounge, inept President has brought back the Cold War. Even the Media is beginning to turn. Time Magazine has an all-red cover welcoming back Cold War II. Meme, updated. @lachlan @charlescwcooke...

Great Thomas Jefferson Tweet

This is a pretty good collection of pearls of wisdom from Thomas Jefferson. Lots of people should take heed of this advice. Thomas Jefferson’s ten life rules — Life Tips & Tricks (@TipsForUDaily)...

Making Coffee in the ’60’s Was Tough on HouseWives

My favorite coffee is Folger’s K-cups. When I first found Folgers in the market selling K-cups, I would have sworn that they had gone out of business. They went from a fresh coffee to an instant brand back in the ’70s, and I’d have never guessed that they survived the rise of Starbucks, the K-cup revolution and other advancements in quick coffee. But they did, and now it’s great. But boy, were they sexist back in the day!

1958 Grundy Virginia’s Centennial Celebration

This video actually features footage of my Grandparents. It was filmed during the Grundy Virginia 100 year celebration in 1958. There are Civil War re-enactors, women parading around in Victorian era garb, coal miners, good ol’ boys, mountain men and city fathers. And the guy filming this seems to know absolutely everyone.

Microsoft Seizes Then Returns No-IP Domains

noip is a dynamic DNS and hosting company. Their specialty? Hosting DNS services so malware, toolbars, FakeAV, secondary downloads, botnets, and other badware can exist. Microsoft convinced a Nevada judge to allow them to...

Free Marijuana in Berkeley!

The retarded hippies that run the city of Berkeley, who already have legalized pot, now insist that anyone selling pot in their city have to give two percent of their good stuff away to...