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Awkward Horrible No Good Face Painting

Steve Triola, aka Downtown Clown, who most certainly is not a child molester, demonstrates the worst techniques in painting little kids’ faces. He slaps some poster paint on a child’s face, then uses his...

Greatest Play in Baseball

Neck-bearded bell-bottom-wearing hippies were everywhere. Jimmy Carter was well on his way to becoming President. This man made the greatest play in baseball.

Jack White Presses World’s Fastest Album

Jack White sings a concert for a Live Long Play Album, rushes the sound to the record press facility and delivers his album to his fans and accepts cash as payment for his album all in under four hours.

X-Men Director Turns Out Teens

I’m a comic book fan. I didn’t want to believe the news stories that X-Men director Bryan Singer notoriously rapes children in exchange for roles in his films, but the rumors and confirmations are...

Bansky Spy Art Makes HomeOwner Rich

A woman in England woke up with her home’s value instantly increased by a half-millions pounds. The graffiti artist Bansky painted some spies tapping a telephone box. From the DailyMail here: A mother-of-five woke...

Metro Hell for the Cherry Blossom Festival

Oh, those cherry blossoms sure are pretty, but they aren’t worth spending hours waiting on the hellish transportation that is the Washington Metro Rail. It is better to hike into and out of the...