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USIS Failed Both Primary Missions

USIS is the Federal Contractor that handles the personal information and background checks for people that need secret clearances to work in the Federal Government. As such, they really only have two primary goals:...

Pucker Factor Welding and Cutting

Watch these crazy bastards cut stuff off the mast of the John Hancock tower in Chicago. I used to be a welder and I knew it was a dangerous job, but these guys take it to a different level. Every time his camera shows that he stands up on top of this mast, I think I sharted a little.

Air Conditioning Was Resisted by Luddites

I didn’t really know about air conditioning and how or when it became popular. The Engineer guy shines some lights on the history of air conditioning and how the masses used to believe that indoor air conditioning would make you sick. Sounds to me like typical environmental hysteria.

Clickbait Sites Serve Malware

Sites like Buzzfeed and compile lists of drivel with fantastic titles and try to entice people to click on their articles. This is strictly not about delivering information, but getting eyes on advertisements....

The Wharf

Last night in the Keys for this trip. Weather has been fantastic. This is the old wharf behind Schooner Wharf Bar.

Lets Go On a Safari!

This would totally happen to me on an African Safari. Getting the minivan boinked by an elephant is on the top of everyone’s bucketlist, amIright? An elephant attempts to get frisky with a tourist's...

This is For the SeaWorld H8rs

For all the blackfish activists that love to say that whales should be released back into the wild. Sure! They seem tasty enough. Fujian fisherman drives off with catch, a 2,000 kg whale shark...

Darien Ga

Long road trip today. We stopped for seafood in little Darien GA. Meal was good as was the view!