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Sabu Gets Away With Time Served

He helped put away leftist anarchistic hacker Jeremy Hammond. He snitched for the lulz. Now Sabu is going to walk away with time served. Does that seem fair? Of course. “@CNET: Feds recommend lenience...

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rig exploit kit
There are very few new technologies in the market that are poised to make a substantial impact on how endpoints can remain protected in an ever-changing world of malware. Antivirus is essentially useless. Firewalls...

Shots Rang Out in the Ghetto

Orange County has one neighborhood that is so bad that cops always go there with backup- sometimes 6 to 8 times per day! The Sheriff was giving a press conference on how bad things are in this horrifying ghetto and someone in the background is firing 6 rounds. No one even flinched.

Ahsoka Training a Youngling

Caught this yesterday at Star Wars Weekend. A tiny girl dressed as her favorite Jedi got to meet Ahsoka Tano. Ahsoka showed this little one how to hold the lightsabre underhanded. Totally cute!