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The Pastebin Pussy

When Twitter begins to fall over under heavy use, they trot out the Fail Whale. When Foursquare is overloaded, they display the Pouty Princess. When pastebin, the site for sharing code snippets and other...

Death by Heavy Metal

A Pastor at a Texas church was murdered by an electric guitar wielding man after he crashed his car into the pastor’s church. From the Dailymail here: A North Texas congregation is reeling after...

Phishing by TXT Message

Phishing by TXT Message, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. I got this phishing text email last night posing as a security alert from FedChoice Bank. A cursory google search for the phone number...

Middle American Support for Romney

Some type of aliens must have come to earth to show their galactic support for our next President. After all, that’s where crop circles come from, right? From KCCI here.

Michelle Obama Sure Knows Her Shit

Michelle Obama urged early voting because sometimes Democrat toilets get all busted and overflowing or something. From CNSNews here: First Lady Michelle Obama encouraged her husband’s supporters to vote early, because you may find...

Geeky College Physics Professor

Harold Stokes, a Physics Professor at BYU, made a viral video to highlight just how much normal air pressure can affect a ping pong ball. Spoiler- it can shoot a ping pong ball at...