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The FCC Will Now Approve News Content

Big brother marches on. The FCC is now launching a study to find out how news rooms select their news stories. The FCC wants to make sure that government propaganda is properly distributed and...

Who’s Up For Some Pong?

Pretty sure we had a game like this in ’76. Family game console from JC Penney, 1976 — History In Pictures (@HistoryInPics) February 19, 2014

Hot Pockets: Now With Diseased Meat!

Quick, someone call Jim Gaffigan. His favorite food, the molten lava microwavable pastry treat, known as the Hot Pocket, is being recalled because the manufacturer stuffed them full of “diseased meat.” And some cheese...

The Key West Tourist Tan

There are loads of tourists to Key West that suffer from NeapoliTAN sunburns. — Puns (@omgthatspunny) February 16, 2014

Big Fish and Big Birds

Headed to Key West today. As is our custom, we stopped at Robbie’s to feed the huge tarpon. This photo shows some of the smaller ones around the dock with pelicans floating above hoping...

OJ Simpson on Hunger Strike

O.J. Simpson
Apparently OJ wants to die, so his fat ass is now on a hunger strike. Know who else isn’t eating much these days? Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman. From the Inquisitor here: OJ...

This is a Crappy Job

If you think your job sucks, think again: at least you're not this Cup O' Noodles mascot shoveling snow today. — Nick Bilton (@nickbilton) February 13, 2014 Also, a cup of Noodles Museum...