Malvertising Troublemaker

This is cool! All of my malvertising tweets were turned into a music vid to Weezer’s Troublemaker.

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Train Surfer Supernovas

Some dumbass climbed atop a train for some good ol’ train surfin’ and he caught fire when he was electrocuted. This from TomoNews:

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Andy Dick Rides Bikes; Robs People

Noted crazed bisexual sexual molester actor Andy Dick made the news again this week for robbing a man and making his getaway on his bicycle. From WTOP here: Los...

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Building Your Own Airplane

image, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. This is an undated photo of my Grandfather, left, hanging out in a garage with his cousins, the Grubbs, assembling their own airplane. When other folks back...

Used to Be Gay

Used to Be Gay, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Hallmark might have a problem with old timey lyrics. This Christmas Sweater Ornament replaces the traditional word of gay in the lyrics of Deck...

New Theme, New Ads

There are a few changes here at BelchSpeak. First of all is the new Theme. Its called Newswire, and it is quite a departure from the 2 column sidebar blog I’ve had over the...

Its Turkey Day!

Its a tradition of to show turkeys being assholes to people on Thanksgiving. Lets kick this off by showing this foreign reporter tussling with a foreign turkey.

This mother of the year laughs sadistically as her child is attacked by two big Toms.

And these critters will even attempt to break into your house.

Dayna Morales Lies About Everything

Remember the story about the lying attention whore lesbian waitress? Dayna Morales is apparently quite famous for lying about pretty much everything. She lied about her military service, lied about being wounded in action...