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New Theme, New Ads

There are a few changes here at BelchSpeak. First of all is the new Theme. Its called Newswire, and it is quite a departure from the 2 column sidebar blog I’ve had over the...

Its Turkey Day!

Its a tradition of to show turkeys being assholes to people on Thanksgiving. Lets kick this off by showing this foreign reporter tussling with a foreign turkey.

This mother of the year laughs sadistically as her child is attacked by two big Toms.

And these critters will even attempt to break into your house.

Dayna Morales Lies About Everything

Remember the story about the lying attention whore lesbian waitress? Dayna Morales is apparently quite famous for lying about pretty much everything. She lied about her military service, lied about being wounded in action...

Al Gore Goes Vegan

Notorious fat huckster Al Gore is supposedly going vegan. @DRUDGE_REPORT he only gets massages from hairy legged masseuse now? — Dr. Jones (@BelchSpeak) November 26, 2013 In other news, the price of fried chicken...

Vandals Butthurt Over Whitewashing Graffiti

In Queens, NY, there is a section of town called 5Pointz, which, until recently, was considered a haven for vandals who practiced their art. Then the building’s owner painted over all the graffiti. Even...

Lying Whore Convicted of Murder

Crystal Magnum, the most famous stripper and lying whore in all of North Carolina, was convicted of murdering her boyfriend Reggie Daye. She will now face 14 years in prison where I’m certain she...