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Ukrainians Don’t Respect Lenin

Ukraine is in the midst of an uprising, with citizens displaying their distaste for the days of communism. This photo of a protester decapitating a statue of Lenin will be iconic. From CNN here:...

Last Snow Day

last snow day
Last Snow Day, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Here is to hoping that this is the last snow day we have to experience as a family in Virginia. Luckily we had stocked up...

Building Your Own Airplane

image, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. This is an undated photo of my Grandfather, left, hanging out in a garage with his cousins, the Grubbs, assembling their own airplane. When other folks back...

Used to Be Gay

Used to Be Gay, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Hallmark might have a problem with old timey lyrics. This Christmas Sweater Ornament replaces the traditional word of gay in the lyrics of Deck...

New Theme, New Ads

There are a few changes here at BelchSpeak. First of all is the new Theme. Its called Newswire, and it is quite a departure from the 2 column sidebar blog I’ve had over the...

Its Turkey Day!

Its a tradition of to show turkeys being assholes to people on Thanksgiving. Lets kick this off by showing this foreign reporter tussling with a foreign turkey.

This mother of the year laughs sadistically as her child is attacked by two big Toms.

And these critters will even attempt to break into your house.