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Life Changes

The moving van arrived today and now my home for the past ten years is empty. They also ran over my garbage, which has grown considerably since my prior post. But as luck would...

GreenPeace Beats a Confession Out of Santa

GreenPeace has kidnapped Santa and forced him to spew out a bunch of Global Warming BS.

Of course the myth that the arctic ice is melting has proven to be a lie. But that won’t stop eco-religionists, who don’t believe in Christ, much less Christmas, from trying to denigrate another religion’s symbol to promote their own agenda.

6 Year Old Suspended for Kissing Girlfriend on the Hand

A first grader has been suspended in Colorado for sexual harassment. The damage the school has done to this child’s sense of well being is beyond the pale. The school is bullying a first grader over a stupid zero tolerance policy. And bullying like this will influence this child’s resentment against authority.

I hope this school district gets bankrupted when the parents sue.

Slo-Mo Sheepdog

I’ve been playing around with my new iPhone 5s with the slow motion feature. What better is there to see in slow motion than a fluffy-ass sheepdog? Here she is playing tug with her favorite alligator toy…

And here is the sheepdog trying to get Jess to throw her the ball. Bonus is that in slow-mo, Jess sounds like she’s speaking whale like Dory from Nemo…

Neighbors Gonna Be Pissy

image, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Today was going to be the very last trash pickup day before the move. But snow. So the trash truck isn’t coming, which means that all of...

George Zimmerman Attracts the Crazy

George Zimmerman’s life is a hot mess, and the fact that his ex girlfriend is a psycho doesn’t help much. Zimmerman was arrested for domestic violence, accused by his girlfriend Samantha Scheibe of having...

Ukrainians Don’t Respect Lenin

Ukraine is in the midst of an uprising, with citizens displaying their distaste for the days of communism. This photo of a protester decapitating a statue of Lenin will be iconic. From CNN here:...

Last Snow Day

last snow day
Last Snow Day, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Here is to hoping that this is the last snow day we have to experience as a family in Virginia. Luckily we had stocked up...