Al Gore Goes Vegan

Notorious fat huckster Al Gore is supposedly going vegan. @DRUDGE_REPORT he only gets massages from hairy legged masseuse now? — Dr. Jones (@BelchSpeak) November 26, 2013 In other news, the price of fried chicken...

This is Obamacare’s Website

Full of glitches. And Ed209 requires that you pay him cash up front before he shoots you. RoboCop (1987): "I'm sure it's only a glitch; a temporary setback." You call this a GLITCH?!?

Obama is the Whiny Little Bitch in Chief

Obama has been throwing a full-on 6 Year Old temper tantrum by barricading national monuments, turning off the Amber Alerts system and absolutely refusing to negotiate on the budget with the House Republicans, who...