Trump Fired Comey

The democrats who were so upset that Comey had interfered with the election of Hillary Clinton and demanded that Obama fire him before the election are now outraged that Trump has removed him from his position as the Director of the FBI. Trump fired him because he did not pursue justice against Clinton for her poor handling of classified information and because he was not pursuing prosecution against the illegal leaks of classified information tied to intercepts of phone calls at Trump tower and within the administration. Essentially Comey had made himself public enemy number one. He had to go.

As leader of the FBI, Comey found himself in the awkward position of having to possibly prosecute an ex-First Lady of the US as well as the democratic nominee for President for illegally sending classified documents and emails over insecure channels, which was a clear violation of US law. But he didnt want to be the person to derail a major election. So he took the safe route and took prosecution off the table, and this was ultimately his downfall. The Democrats hated him for speaking ill will of their candidate and the Republicans hated him for not having the guts to do the right thing according to the law.

Now Democrats are pretending to faint over the possibility that Comey had an active investigation against Trump over allegations of Russian collusion to influence the election, but as I explained here, the DNC was hacked due to password theft from a common weaponized document, and likely by an American gray hat.

Comey waffled. He wouldnt stick to the letter of the law and regarded some as being above the law. Good riddance. I hope we get someone that will restore America’s faith in the FBI.

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