Journalists Go Ballistic Over New Skype Format for Press Secretary

Once upon a time if you worked your ass off in journalism, spoke “truth to power” and made a name for yourself on TV or with a real expose’ in a national publication, and earned a couple of awards, you would be rewarded with a seat among the White House Press Corps. For far too long only the coastal press elites have had the privilege of asking questions of the Press Secretary. Overlooked were those in middle America who had different concerns. Not anymore now that Trump is in office. Press Secretary Sean Spicer now has a modern Skype interface and invites nationally syndicated talk show hosts and remote newspeople to ask him questions directly. And the elite media are fit to be tied.

In a way I feel sorry for the old school reporters. They all worked hard to get where they were, but now the rules no longer apply. The elite press’ outright hostility brought out this change of format and it’s long overdue. There is now diversity in the types of questions, diversity in topics and diversity in who gets to ask questions of our leaders. I welcome it. But there will be much more gnashing of teeth and more freakouts from the liberal press to come. Get your popcorn and enjoy.

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