Walmart Refuses Confederate Flag Cake, But ISIS Flag OK

With Walmart banning everything confederate, including Dukes of Hazard toys, a Louisiana man finds out that getting the ISIS battle flag on a cake is just fine.


From Inquisitr here:

Walmart could be in hot water with Southerners after customer Charles Netzhammer posted a video showing evidence that he had been able to get an ISIS cake made while having another refused that presented the Confederate flag.

Netzhammer then claimed that he was able to go to another Walmart in the same area and have an ISIS cake printed for him with no issues.

After the cake unboxing, he then displayed the “Heritage Not Hate” refusal form that Walmart had given him along with documentation and receipts on his ISIS cake.

The experience left the Southerner irate.

“I am highly offended, distraught, and in tears over the fact you pull American history off your shelves, but allow the offensive battle flag of terrorists, sex slavers, be-headers of Christians, burners of gays to be made in your store,” Netzhammer wrote.

Anyone else think that scoring political points with cakes is hilarious? Just me?

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