Caribbean Nations Demand Reparations

The worst run countries are run by leftists. Leftists base all of their policy decisions on stealing goods and services from other people. And when that money runs out and the country is dirt poor, dangerous, and angry, they want to blame their poor policy decisions on racist white men who brought slaves to the region hundreds of years ago.


From the AmericanThinker here:

Could this be the decade that slavery reparations become a reality?
If not, it won’t be for a lack of trying. This is the obvious next step for poor countries getting poorer because of bad economics, bad politics, and bad, bad leaders. Former colonial powers are to be milked for all the cash that can be gotten by laying a guilt trip on the good socialists who run these countries now.
Any successes enjoyed by the former colonies will no doubt encourage African Americans to try the same ploy here.
Jamaica is leading the way in pushing for reparations from Great Britain.

Jamaica wants to sue Holland, France and the UK for slavery. But they don’t want to sue the Islamic slave traders who removed the Africans from their villages centuries ago. White guilt might pay off, but trying to blame Islam will get them to lose their heads.

And Jamaica is still a shitty place. I don’t recommend visiting.

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