CasAnus is a Crappy Hotel in Belgium

A giant colon has been hollowed out, stuffed with a bed and a shower, and it is now a hotel that costs about 175 dollars per night. No one has been able to explain why they did it, however.


From the DailyMail here:

A hotel in Belgium is offering tourists the chance to stay in a accomodation designed to look like a colon.

The CasAnus Hotel offers couples an overnight stay for 120 Euros – around £100 – complete with a double bed, shower and central heating.

It was originally created by Dutch artist Joep Van Lieshout, but the structure was renovated into living quarters and now sits on the grounds of the Verbeke Foundation Art Park.

‘It is utterly silent and pitch black at night, so bring a torch if you want to creep around at night. It is as normal as sleeping in a slug-like space can be,’ travel blogger Tom Hall wrote on Lonely Planet.

Popular things to do at the PoopChute Hotel:

  • Play Craps
  • Bake Brownies
  • Write Dutch Oven Recipes
  • Pretend to be giant kernels of corn
  • Fire up the Xbox and play Call of Doodie

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