Stoner Teacher Poisons People At PotLuck

A northern California teacher smokes so much dope that when she heard the other teachers were having a “pot luck” she naturally brought food laced with marijuana. Several people were sickened and two were hospitalized, including a child. But pot is a harmless drug, I always forget that mantra.


From CNN here:

Police in Northern California have arrested an elementary schoolteacher after she brought marijuana-laced food to an after-hours employee potluck dinner.

Teresa Gilmete Badger, a 47-year-old teacher at Matthew Turner Elementary School in Benicia, was arrested Friday afternoon on suspicion of poisoning after a six-week-long investigation.

After the late-November get-together in the Bay Area town, several people reported feeling ill. “One of the partygoers was rushed to the hospital with severe reactions; she was hospitalized. “The very next morning, another partygoer was taken to the hospital, because she continued to feel like she was under the influence of something.”

At least one of the women tested positive for THC.

A 15-year-old also got sick after someone at the party brought leftovers home.

Badger had “allegedly confessed her involvement to individuals who were also in attendance at the party.” She was arrested Friday and booked into Solano County Jail in Fairfield. Bail was set at $15,000.

She confessed to the crime, and it still took six weeks to figure out who poisoned the food. And being a California teacher, she will not face any discipline from the school system whatsoever.


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