Legal Marijuana is Weeding Out the Stupid From the Gene Pool

What do you call it when someone burns themselves alive in flaming hemp oil from a home cooked attempt at making hash oil? Darwinism. Stupid potheads, who have no training at cooking or chemistry, are blazing themselves up in what has to be the lulziest way to die.


From Vocativ here:

Roommates Robby Meiser and Bruce Mark were using butane to turn a stash of marijuana into hash oil when the gas ignited in their Kirkland, Washington, apartment. The subsequent explosion destroyed two homes and left both men hospitalized with scorched upper bodies.

In the week since the Jan. 1 blast, mishaps while making the heady goo have left a Hawaii man dead, a dude in Fresno, Calif., with second- and third-degree burns over 80 percent of his body, and an apartment complex in San Diego with $1.2 million in damage.

Hash oil’s potent trail of seared skin and annihilated homes shows no signs of slowing down in 2014, giving the mayhem long associated with meth labs a run for its money. Dozens of dope-smoking enthusiasts are paying a steep price trying to sap a better high from weed.

Last month, Longmont police responded to reports of a man whose body was literally smoking as he staggered down a residential street, Satur said. It turned out that the victim, Benjamin Callahan, and a buddy had detonated a nearby garage that they converted into an illicit lab.

Two 23-year-olds in Livermore, California, faced murder charges in 2012 after a man inside their apartment blew himself up while cooking hash oil.

Perhaps most importantly, hash oil gets you fucking stoned. Containing 15 to 30 percent THC, a few drops can get you as ripped as a joint.

Marijuana is not for easing pain. It is only for getting high. Anyone who argues differently is just a stupid stoner. And now that legalization is becoming more prevalent, I really enjoy watching stoners fry the skin from their bones. I say that we shouldn’t give any of these idiots antibiotics or pain killers for their skin grafts and burn treatments. Just pot.

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