Dennis Rodman Freaks Out On Live TV

On CNN, Dennis Rodman was questioned about Kenneth Bae, an American citizen held captive in a North Korean prison camp, and Rodman went incoherent on his answer.

From CNN here:

Who is Kenneth Bae? And why is he being held by North Korea?

Born in South Korea, Bae immigrated at age 16 to the United States with parents.

The 44-year-old Bae, of Lynwood, Washington, moved to China in 2005. A year later he established “Nations Tour,” a China-based tour company that specialized in tours of North Korea.

Bae had guided at least 15 tour groups, mostly made up of Americans and Canadians, into North Korea at the time of this arrest.

Bae was on the first day of a five-day tour when he was arrested November 3, 2012, in Rason, an area along the northeastern coast of North Korea that has been established by Pyongyang as a special economic zone to promote trade and investment.

North Korea’s official news agency confirmed his arrest, saying only he was picked up for a crime against the state.

Boy, I sure hope the North Koreans don’t find out the Dennis Rodman is planting NSA listening devices in the locker rooms of athletes while visiting North Korea!

Updated: Here is the Taiwanese Animators’ take:

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