Jabbaboy Getting More Operations On His Massive Tumorous Head

I last wrote about Jabbaboy, aka Huang Chuncai back in 2008. As a testament to the great medicine of China, the last operations didn’t take. His face and head are more swollen than ever, and now he looks like the misbegotten offspring of a downsy manatee and a walrus.


From the DailyMail here:

A Chinese man has undergone surgery to remove a 3.3lb (1.5kg) tumour from his face.
Huang Chuncai, 37, from Hunan province, has been dubbed ‘China’s Elephant Man‘. He suffers from an extreme case of neurofibromatosis, which has caused large tumours on his face that have completely distorted his features.

On Wednesday he underwent another round of surgery at a hospital in Guangzhou to remove the tumour from his left cheek.
The operation was successful and he will now have two more to try and get his condition under control.

Huang’s tumours, which five years ago were said to weigh 33lb (15kg), have put such pressure on his body that it has deformed his backbone, stunted his growth and left him in continual pain.


All of his teeth fell off at the age of 25 and thereafter, he found it difficult to speak and eat.
It has also been reported that several years ago, a circus approached his father to buy his son for holding ‘monster performances’, but his parents refused.

At least Sarah Jessica Parker has some competition now for world’s longest face.


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