Drunk on the Metro

I’m so happy I don’t have to ride DC’s awful Metro anymore. My pals back in VA sent me this hilarious video of white drunk people trying to kill themselves on the escalators and platforms of the Metro.

Thor Guard

Thor Guard, a photo by BelchSpeak on Flickr. Being new to the region, I haven’t seen anything like this...

Future of Gaming

This prediction was put into a magazine back in the ’70’s. So wrong and so right at the same time. It’s not radiowaves, and no one plays chess.


Santa Visited Our Neighborhood on a Firetruck

So I was out walking the dog tonight and I heard firetrucks enter the neighborhood. I was hoping that all my neighbors were okay. The last thing I expected was to see Santa being towed by a Firetruck, with elves tossing candy to the kids. So I gathered the boy and the Missus to go watch Santa roll through the ‘hood.

A friend of my wife helped us move in and joked that we live in Pleasantville now. She might be right.

Do Vaccinations Cause Autism?

No, they don’t. But lets pretend for a minute and a half that vaccinations did indeed cause autism in 1 out of 110 children receiving the vaccine.

So suck it, Jenny McCarthy and all you nutjobs who refuse to vaccinate your kids!