Egyptians Now Come in Regular and Extra Crispy

Its a little difficult for me to get choked up at the thought of 200 Islamist tools fried to a deep charcoal lying in a mosque, victims of a state crackdown.


From Reuters here:

In a Cairo mosque lie the charred and mutilated bodies of more than 200 Egyptians, apparently uncounted and unacknowledged by the state after security forces crushed Islamist protest camps.

Helpers at the Al-Iman mosque accused the government of ignoring the rows of corpses, laid out in white shrouds to await collection by relatives in a charnel house that looked like the aftermath of a battle from World War One.

Medics pushed burning incense sticks into blocks of ice covering the bodies and sprayed air freshener to cover up the overpowering stench of decay. A cry of “Allahu akbar” (God is Greatest) echoed through a loudspeaker at the back of the mosque.

Some men pulled back the shrouds to reveal the corpses, some charred and with smashed skulls, others riddled with bullet holes in their heads and chests. Women knelt and wept beside some bodies while two men embraced each other and cried by another.

Protesters’ tent cities were set ablaze on Wednesday after the security forces moved in, apparently accounting for the charred state of some of the bodies.

Instant mummification. Nice way to treat jihadis.

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