Rare Bird Slaughtered by Wind Farm’s Blades

The most hilarious article of the day recounts how 80 birdwatching nerds flocked to Scotland to watch an extremely rare bird soar through the skies to only be murdered by green energy. I could imagine the oohs and ahs to be punctuated by “Dear God Noooooo!”


From Fox here:

Birdwatchers flock to see rare bird, then watch it killed by wind turbine

There hasn’t been a sighting of a White-throated Needletail in the United Kingdom for 22 years, so nearly 80 birdwatchers flocked to Scotland this week to get a look. But instead of enjoying the world’s fastest flying bird soaring, they watched it fly into the small blade of a wind turbine and die.

“It was seen by birders fly straight into the turbine. It is ironic that after waiting so long for this bird to turn up in the UK, it was killed by a wind turbine and not a natural predator, “ Josh Jones of Bird Guides said.

“It’s tragic. More than 80 people had already arrived on the island and others were coming from all over the country. But it just flew into the turbine. It was killed instantly,” Jones said.

Avid bird watcher David Campbell witnessed the accident Wednesday. “We all ran over there and were heartbroken to find the poor bird lying beneath the machine, in perfect condition apart from blood and slight trauma on the head – but it was stone dead. Cries of sorrow and anger from the assembled birders began to turn into discussion as to what would happen to the bird’s corpse, as we took pictures of it lying there.

Birds emit carbon too and deserve to be slaughtered in the liberal utopia of free energy. Nothing confounds a nature lover more than watching its precious animals get slaughtered by wind farms. To me, it’s lulzy as hell.


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