Georgia Stowaway Discovered in Moscow

A black man from Georgia stowed away on a jetliner by holding onto the landing gear. That was his last mistake. Crews in Moscow found his frozen body along with blood stains after seven additional flights.


From the WaTimes here:

An iFly jet made seven flights carrying a dead man in its wheel well before crews in Moscow discovered the body.
Maintenance workers noticed blood stains last Thursday on the plane’s main landing gear struts. After inspecting the wheel well they found the remains of a man carrying a Georgia passport.
“According to a preliminary conclusion, the Afro-American man died from freezing. The man was apparently flying without a ticket,” the Investigative Committee said on its website.
Authorities say the stowaway boarded the plane four days before he was found dead.

There is no heat in the wheel wells, and its freezing at 38,000 feet. What a dumb way to go.

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