Lulzsec Skiddies Get Jail Time

It looks like the lulziest thing that the script-kiddies in Lulzsec will do will be to go to jail. Four members of Lulzsec were sentenced last Thursday in a British court.


From LegalInsurrection here:

A British court handed down jail time Thursday to four hackers that were part of a notorious splinter group of the Anonymous hacker collective known as LulzSec.

  • Ryan Cleary, 21, aka “ViraL,” received 32 months.  Cleary will also receive a separate sentence in connection with a charge of possession of images showing child abuse, to which he pleaded guilty.
  • Jake Davis, 20, aka “Topiary,” received two years
  • Ryan Ackroyd, 26, aka “Kayla,” received 30 months
  • Mustafa Al-Bassam, 18, aka “tFlow,” was given 20-months, though his sentence was suspended for two years.  Bassam was still in school when the attacks were carried out, likely a consideration in the Judge’s decision to suspend Bassam’s sentence.

The LulzSec splinter group was largely disrupted after it was revealed in an unsealed indictment in the US that one if its core members, Hector Xavier Monsegur aka “Sabu,” was previously arrested and had been secretly cooperating with the FBI to help infiltrate and disrupt the group.  Sabu’s cooperation is believed to have exposed many of the other LulzSec members’ activities and resulted in some of the subsequent indictments.

As mentioned previously, these skiddies are already pretending to be arm-flapping asspies to avoid extradition to the United States to face charges. I just hope those British jail cells allow enough wiggle room for their arm flapping- but if not, there is always the exercise yard.

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