Another Drunk Chick Falls Off the Party Bus

When I first saw this story I thought I was re-reading an earlier story I wrote about here. But this is new. Another drunk girl got hammered and managed to fall off a party bus and get herself killed. As an analyst, if anything happens once, its an anomaly. Twice, its a trend. And this is a lulzy trend.


From the DailyMail here:

A 26-year-old mother has been killed after she fell out of a party bus on Saturday evening and was hit by three cars on a highway.

Jamie Frecks had been celebrating a friend’s bachelorette party when she tumbled out of an emergency door into traffic on Interstate 35 in Kansas City. She was with 15 girlfriends on the bus when the door opened around 10pm. The 26-year-old has hit by three vehicles, two of which did not stop.

She was pronounced dead at the scene.

Miss Frecks had given birth to her daughter Emma two months previously and had been enjoying her first night out with friends when the tragedy occurred.

She was planning to marry her fiancé next year after becoming engaged on Christmas Day. Miss Frecks also hoped to return to college, with dreams of becoming an art teacher, friends said.

I bet her 15 friends feel really guilty about making her down all those tequila shots now, huh? She was probably trying to do a pole dance while the bus was moving and slipped. And she was going to be an art teacher? Thank goodness she wasn’t going to be a nuclear physicist or a neurosurgeon. I think society will do just fine in her absence.

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