Mummified Jersey Hoarder Found Among Cat Feces

A New Jersey Hoarder decider to take it all with her. She lived the hoarder’s dream, surrounded by rubbish, cat shit, and refusing help from loved ones and what few friends she had left. Then she got buried alive, and like the Egyptians of yore, she mummified herself surrounded by all of her “precious!”


From CBS here:

North Jersey Hoarder Found Partially Mummified Among Trash, Animal Feces

It took two months for the remains of a suspected hoarder to be found under all the garbage in her northern New Jersey home.

Police in New Milford described 68-year-old Alice Klee’s apartment as a sad situation, with cat urine, feces, garbage and other items piled wall to wall.

Neighbors said they hadn’t seen her since early February. Authorities went to her home and never found her, leading to a missing persons report.

It wasn’t until Klee’s landlord began cleaning out her unit that her partially mummified body was discovered under her own garbage and clothes.

My cousin is a West Virginia cop and he has told me stories about how cats will eat the corpses of their dead owners when they stop getting fed. But this hoarder was buried and protected by her own filth, so the cats probably just started eating each other.

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