Salad is Dangerous in UK; Brits Reject Radiation of Food

Cryptosporidium is an organism that will give you diarrhea so bad it will make you want to die. And its everywhere in the precut salads in the United Kingdom because the Brits have rejected irradiation to kill bacteria because they don’t understand science and food safety. An article today said its far safer to eat horse-tainted beef than a fresh salad.


From the Telegraph here:

Salad labelled as “ready-to-eat” is more dangerous than beefburgers, one of Britain`s top food experts has said, following a spate of Cryptosporidium infections linked to the product.

Certain types of bacteria found in the pre-cut salad bags can be almost impossible to kill, Professor Hugh Pennington said, unless the leaves are irradiated – a process the public would oppose.

Demand for salad has boomed because of healthily eating campaigns. But salad is considered one of the products most likely to cause food-related illness – largely because greens are grown directly in the soil, and some pathogens can only be killed by heat or strong detergents, not just water.

“That does not exist to the same rigour for salad. You can only make vegetables safe by cooking and you can`t obviously do that with salad. “You could irradiate it – but that would be a `no, no` with the public. You just can`t be absolutely sure that the bagged salad you are buying – which has been put through a chemical wash to kill the bugs, is actually free of them.

Professor Pennington also pointed out that a bean sprout farm in northern Germany was identified as the most likely source of many of the infections in the E. coli outbreak that left 22 people dead in 2011. The farm, located in Uelzen, south of Hamburg, was the epicentre of the outbreak that has also made more than 2,000 people ill.

“My understanding is that this farm in Germany was an organic one and there are more risks with organic food. For example organic chicken has more bugs than non-organic because they spend longer in the field and have wild bird droppings on them etc.

Of course leftist reject scientific advances everyday, especially when it comes to food. Hundreds of years of breeding, agricultural progress and modern farming and sanitation methods are anathema to a leftist. Because corporations, or something stupid like that. They religiously believe that growing locally and rejecting scientific advances in agricultural somehow makes the product taste better. On the other hand, when a liberal dies from eating contaminated food, the gene pool improves immensely.


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