Waiter Brings Out Food Late: That’s a Cuttin’

Shalonda and Starika Smith, sisters, one of which was pregnant, and whereabouts of the baby-daddy unknown, dragged her whole big-ass family to a Logan’s restaurant in Memphis. When the waiter failed to bring out all the food at once, the two of them attacked the waiter and cut his face with steak knives. Because Bitch you better Recognize!

From ABC24 here:

Officers were called to the Logan’s Steakhouse at 7755 Winchester on Tuesday, February 19. Investigators say Shalonda Smith, 25, was with a party of about 25 people and became angry with the waiter because the food was not coming out all at once. She got up and slapped the waiter, then hit and pushed him several times. As the waiter tried to get away, Smith cut him twice on his forehead with a steak knife. The waiter pushed and hit Smith in an effort to get her away from him, and her sister, 34-year-old Starika Smith, ran up and punched him repeatedly for hitting her sister. Both sisters started chasing him around the restaurant threatening him with steak knives, and it took several employees to restrain them until police arrived.

Restaurants are having a hard enough time with Obamacare. Now the Smith Family wreaks havoc and cuts the waiter? I wonder when Obama is going to do something about assault bitches? If it would save just one life, wouldn’t it be worth it?

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