Reason 448 to Homeschool: Menopausal Teacher Won’t Send Naked Photos of Your Kid to a Child Pornographer

Meet Kimberly Crain. She is an admitted child pornographer who snapped photos of underage girls and sent them to her pedophile online boyfriend. Faced with life in prison, she begged the court for mercy, blaming her actions on her shriveling ovaries and high cholesterol.


From the DailyMail here:

A teacher who admitted taking sexual photographs of her students has tried to blame it on a long list of excuses, including high cholesterol levels, the menopause, an online love interest and aching joints.

Kimberly Crain, 49, from Shawnee, has already admitted making and distributing child pornography.

The former elementary school teacher faces life in prison but is appealing for probation. She passed on pornographic images to retired professor of early childhood development Gary Doby, of Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, who has already been sentenced to 18 life terms.

Her full list of excuses includes: Depression, menopause, her online love interest, her husband ignoring her, hypnosis, weight gain, increasingly high cholesterol levels, chronic joint and muscle pain, panic attacks, sleep deprivation and a rapidly changing hormonal balance.

Crain mainly blames her ‘cyber-lover’ Doby, 66, who she would email the explicit photographs to.
‘I found myself giving in to all he wanted.
‘Gary briefly spoke of his fascinations with young girls, but I didn’t see it as a fetish.
‘He said it made him smile and feel good, so I wanted to continue to keep him happy.’

Nine students aged eight to 11, had previously testified that she took photos of them in her classroom and during a pizza party at her home in their underwear and also allowed them to be secretly videoed while changing.

A nine-year-old old girl testified that Crain told her to open her legs and do various dances that Crain then photographed.

Disgusting wretched bitch. You know what cures that menopause of yours Ms. Crain? A flame-thrower to your uterus.


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