Arpad Miklos Decides It Really Doesn’t Get Better

Gay Porn Star Arpad Miklos spent his youth and adulthood sticking his wiener in places he shouldn’t. He even did it on film and was paid a pile of cash for it. But before he killed himself, he wrote a note saying that he was going to face judgement for his actions and also, ‘haters gonna hate.’

Folsom Street East 2007

from the DailyMail here:

Gay porn star Arpad Miklos has been found dead in his New York apartment from suicide.
Miklos – whose real name is Peter Kozma – died on February 3. The body of the 45-year-old was found in his New York apartment.

Lynch said: ‘He was a great guy on top of [being a porn star]. There was a lot more to him than just that surface persona.

‘He was a very active person in the gay community. He wasn’t happy, I would say, but he wasn’t going into crying fits. He was a hard nut to crack.

Lynch also revealed that in his suicide note, Miklos wrote that though he ‘knows there will be judgement, the haters can hate and speculate‘ but that he wasn’t going to give a specific reason as to why he took his own life.

Kozma likely suffered from severe childhood trauma involving sexual molestation. Rather than seeing a therapist to resolve his issues, he tried to recapture that trauma repeatedly, and it never made him happier. If someone is gay and suicidal, remember, it doesn’t always get better. A mental health professional is preferable to a youtube campaign by Dan Savage.

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  1. I believe that the judgement that Peter Kozma was talking about was judgement from nasty, ignorant people. Also, you don’t know one thing about his background, and it is unfair to speculate, Mr. Judgy McJudger.

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