Redneck Demon Child Gets Whoopin’ He Deserves

An 8-year old redneck hellion was running around the Dollar General Store being completely obnoxious. For those that don’t know, Dollar General is where you shop when you run out of trash cans and yard sales to pick through. The store clerk, Emilia Graciela Bell, 39, called the boy a demon and demanded that he behave himself. That’s when the brat chucked a cookie jar at the clerk. And you know, there are some jobs that are worth losing because she whooped that child with a belt. Oh, and got arrested for it.

From DailyMail here:

A dollar store employee has been arrested for allegedly taking off her belt and beating a customer’s eight-year-old son after he ran around the shop and threw a cookie at her.
Emilia Graciela Bell, 39, has also been fired from her clerk position at the Dollar General in Wrightsville, Georgia after bosses and police reviewed surveillance footage which caught the attack.
While authorities have not yet released the video, they said it shows Bell hitting Logan Ivey as many as 26 times as he screamed and tried to squirm away.
Wrightsville Police Chief Paul Sterling said Logan was running around in the store when he was confronted by Bell.

‘So I said “I’ll show you bad” and I picked up a cookie and I threw it at her,’ he said. ‘So then she starts chasing me around the Dollar General with her belt and takes me behind the counter and starts beating me with her belt.’

The brat needs discipline. And while I agree that it would be horrible if a store clerk spanked my child, I don’t have to ever worry about that since I have taught my child to behave properly in public. Something this redneck Dad needs to do as well. BTW, see all those empty red solo cups and beer bottles and dirty laundry in the background? Ya can’t maybe clean up a little before you invite a news crew into your trailer there Cletus?

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2 comments on “Redneck Demon Child Gets Whoopin’ He Deserves
  1. That little brat needs discipline. 25 (and I doubt that) spankings weren’t enough and those parents should lose custody as they obviously can’t raise children… Some people have no business breeding. Case. In. Point.

  2. If the parents had control of the boy this would not have happened. How is it the mother is in the store and the boy if off running around. Most General Dollars are not that big you can stand in one spot and view the entire store. Where was mom? I work with bad little boys like this one everyday and we always say they need their behinds tanned and they would be model children. Not a beating but a gentle reminder.

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