Bitch Has 99 Problems and 67 Frozen Ones Too

Irene Vandyke is a hoarder. She had 99 living cats taken from her piss-and-scat-filled dwelling and when the cops investigated further, they found 67 Kitty Popsicles in her freezer.

From the TimesUnion here:

The Schoharie County woman who kept 67 dead cats in clear plastic bags in her freezer and had another 99 felines living in crates stacked floor-to-ceiling in unsanitary conditions repeatedly refused to give up any of the animals to shelter workers and rebuffed referrals to mental health professionals.

Authorities who had visited her house on Route 146 in its wretchedly befouled state — it was condemned and deemed unfit for human occupancy — said that she seemed to fit the profile of a hoarder. Possible charges are being weighed against Irene Vandyke, 50, an office worker at a local Walmart store.

On Wednesday, as the dead cats were being removed and the living felines were being taken to the shelter for medical treatment, deputies wore respiratory gear against the choking stench.

Ah, the choking stench of crazy cat ladies. Seems there should be a way to weaponize that aroma. They already have mace and pepper spray. Why not spray annoying criminals with the stench of a hundred cats?

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