Thousands of Crocodiles Under Arrest

All the stories about the massive crocodile roundup in South Africa mention that the crocs escaped from a farm. But the video shows Africans treating the escaped crocs like Rodney King, stomping on their heads and tying their tiny little arms behind their backs.

From the Telegraph here:

Workers at a farm in Limpopo, South Africa round up thousands of crocodiles after they swam free during heavy rain – but many more remain on the loose.

Up to 15,000 crocodiles fled the Rakwena Crocodile Farm in the far north of South Africa when owners were forced to open the gates to prevent a storm surge after the nearby Limpopo river rose.
Workers, who staged an all-night capture operation, managed to round up 2,000 or so of the reptiles, but many more remained at large.

Crocodiles are said to be easier to catch at night because their eyes shine red in the dark.
One of the escapees turned up on a school rugby pitch 75 miles away, and local residents have been warned not to approach the crocodiles if they see them.

I wonder if hogtied crocs make PETA vegans cry? I sure hope so.

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