Eco-Religionists Throw Hissy When EPA Tells Them Their Water is Clean

The promo below is being banned on YouTube because leftists don’t want you to see that the Fracking process, whereby natural gas is removed from shale deposits by using a high pressure water system, is actually perfectly safe. These Pennsylvania yahoos tried to claim that they found two types of “weapons grade uranium” in their water supply. Whatevs, hippies.

I really want to see this documentary just for the lulz factor. From MRC here:

Anti-fracking activists don’t want debate or dissent – they want to silence criticism and questions.”

According to the warning from YouTube, the site takes “public interest, newsworthiness, and consent into account when determining if content should be removed for a privacy violation.” The Sautners were not only involved in a multi-million lawsuit, but their story has become a rallying cry for environmental activists.

Dimock, Pa., has attracted celebrity activists Mark Ruffallo, Ashley Judd and Robert Kennedy. The Sautners themselves were involved in a multi-million dollar lawsuit over the quality of their water. The advertisement, and “FrackNation,” raise questions about the accuracy of the Sautners’ claims.

I wonder what chemical in the water makes Julie Sautner so god damned fat? Chocolate? Ice cream? Butter?


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