Anyone Want Foot Jerky? Callous Clear Has it For You

My wife just mentioned a gross TV infomercial about a foot cream, that once applied, you can scrape disgusting callouses off your feet. Looks like foot jerky. Yum?

Women get busted calloused feet because our culture told them it was okay to walk around in hard shoes with high heels and no socks. Now they have to deal with the callouses, but this is definitely not a way to keep your man looking at you with those “come hither eyes.”

I must admit that it does present a great new way for chicks to turn down men on an almost permanent basis. Instead of using the excuse, “I have to wash my hair that night,” they can use the excuse, “I have to scrape gigantic foot callouses off my feet with a putty knife.” And if the guy wants to watch that, its time to break out the pepper spray.

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