Like Raaaiiin On Your Wedding Day- Lottery Winner Murdered by Poisoning

Sing it Alanis:

From DailyMail here:

A hardworking immigrant who won $1 million on the Illinois Lottery last summer died of a lethal dose of cyanide poisoning the day after receiving the check for his winnings.

Urooj Khan, 46, paid $60 for two lottery scratch-off tickets, and, upon scratching the second one, reportedly leaped in the air and shouted, ‘I hit a million!’

After taxes, the prize money amounted to $425,000 and Khan received his check a month after his win on July 19. Khan went to work as normal the next day, but that night he woke up screaming in excruciating pain.

His frantic widow, Shabana Ansari, and daughter rushed to his side. The stricken Khan was taken to St. Francis Hospital in Evanston, where doctors pronounced him dead.

Khan’s death was initially attributed to natural causes, but within a week of Khan’s death an unidentified relative phoned the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office and asked investigators to take another look.

When his investigators conducted comprehensive toxicology tests, they found lethal levels of cyanide.

The Chicago Police Department is now treating Khan’s death as a homicide and is considering exhuming his body.

Given that most brown people in chicago die of gunshot wounds, isn’t it refreshing to see one of cyanide poisoning? I think the wife did it.

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