Trayvon Martin Proves its Hard to Dodge Bullets While Stoned

You know what Trayvon Martin craved when he was stoned? Skittles and trying to beat up Neighborhood Watch guys. As it turns out, Trayvon Martin had measurable levels of THC in his blood at the time of his death. And it also shows that being stoned mkes it hard to dodge bullets.

From quoting ABCNews here:

Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old who was shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer, had the drug THC in his system the night of this death.

The revelation came as prosecutors in the case prepared to release to the public hundreds of pages of new evidence along with videos and crime scene photos.

Martin’s death sparked public outrage after police released Martin’s shooter, George Zimmerman, without any criminal charges for the killing.

Zimmerman, 28, is a multi-racial Hispanic man who shot the black high school junior at close range on Feb. 26, and claimed self-defense, though Martin was unarmed. Zimmerman was later charged with second-degree murder, and the killing provoked widespread debate about racial profiling. The autopsy report shows traces of the drug THC, which is found in marijuana, in Martin’s blood and urine.

The autopsy also shows that Zimmerman shot Martin from a distance of between 1 inch and 18 inches away, bolstering Zimmerman’s claim that he shot Martin during a struggle that landed Zimmerman on his back, Martin straddling him and banging Zimmerman’s head on the ground.

Poor little stoned angel tried to put the boot to the wrong man. I can’t wait for the trial to begin.

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10 comments on “Trayvon Martin Proves its Hard to Dodge Bullets While Stoned
  1. All his supporters were clamoring for an arrest. The day of the arrest I thought this is the death of his reputation. Up until them George’s side had been quiet (well sort of) now all the unpleasant aspects of Mr Martins life were easy to ignore

  2. The problem I still have with this whole thing is Zimmerman was told to stay away from the Martin. If he would have done that, he wouldn’t have gotten hurt, and Martin would still be alive and probably in jail. I never get stoned (don’t even drink) but I can imagine my thought if some armed man was harrassing me and yelling at me for no conceavable reason probably would be fight for flight. So would yours if you care to admit it. So Zimmerman started an altrication, that he couldn’t win, so he shot Martin. Sounds like manslaughter to me, which is where it has been in my mind from the start. Maybe next time he will listen to the cops.

  3. You are such a freaking idiot. A police dispatcher cannot give lawful orders, and Zimmerman was fulfilling his citizen’s role to protect his neighborhood.

    Besides, the dispatcher told him he “didnt have to” follow Martin. Get that? It was not an order. Drop that fantasy from your mind that Zimmerman was somehow acting outside of the law at the time of the confrontation.

    You can keep your head up your ass all you want about the evidence in this case which will prove that Zimmerman was attacked by a drug addled gangster wannabe.

  4. My dad used to “fulfill his citizen’s role to protect his neighborhood”, funny thing, he was tough enough that he didn’t have to carry a weapon to do it. But okay fine, it was a suggestion, a pretty good one it sounds like. If he would have obeyed the suggestion he would have saved himself a beating, and a teenage boy would still be alive. I am failing to see the bad part about that suggestion. I guess at the very least Zimmerman is guilty of being an idiot.

    So still, tell me what you would do if you saw a Hispanic man (don’t pretend your not racist, we all know you are), carrying a weapon, yelling at you, coming towards you? Would you just stand there and wait for whatever? I would guess 75% of the time you would runaway, and the other 25% of the time you would prepare to fight. Generally speaking, when I guy is chasing you with a weapon, not even claiming to be a policeman, nothing good can come from it. Mugging, kidnapping, or if you are female, rape, generally seem to be the likely outcomes. None of them seem very good to me.

  5. I thought you said he was a murderer? And its a good thing being an idiot’s not a crime or you’d be on death row. How dare you accuse me of racism you bedwetting bisexual? Go have your make-believe fantasies of getting in fights with Hispanics somewhere else.

  6. Answer my question what would you do if you had an armed man following you for no conceivable reason?

  7. Your entire game of “let’s pretend something stupid” is predicated on your leftist assumption that people shouldn’t own guns. Armed people follow me for no reason all the time if they are travelling in the same direction as me. It’s America. People have guns. Even Hispanics. You need to grow up.

  8. On the contrary I have a .22 myself that I sometimes take target shooting my assumption is armed people shouldn’t follow/chase others. Very easy to have a deadly misunderstanding there.

  9. I feel like whoever created this article is clearly stupid and is not looking at facts! For one if Trayvon “stole” the skittles, then the cashier would’ve took them off the counter, but did that happen? NO! You created a complete article on a case ,before the trial even began. You do not know what happened that night, neither do we. Zimmerman is only going to tell the story to make him look like the victim. The only person that knows what happens to Trayvon Martin is TRAYVON MARTIN! If Zimmerman would’ve stopped following Trayvon like he was followed, then Trayvon would still be living. One last thing, how can you speak so badly of Trayvon Martin like you knew him personally? The only things that you know about him is what you were told, you did not know him personally & what if they did find drugs in his system? Drugs are not removed overnight, depending upon how much you smoke determines how long it could stay in your body. Since you so for Zimmerman and against Trayvon then tell me this, why would Zimmerman be yelling for help if he had a gun the whole time? Was his gun not enough protection? If Trayvon was beating him that bad, how did he allow Zimmerman to pull out his weapon? oh, ok.

  10. Trayvon was a stoner loser that messed with the wrong man. Of course I can form an opinion about someone I’ve never met. Its called using judgement. You should try it once, or continue to remain a retard incapable of making a decision about anything.

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