Faux-Cohantas Elizabeth Warren Wrote an Injun Cookbook

If any conservative pretended to be an Indian, used those claims to get a job, preferential treatment, or make a profit by writing a racist cookbook called “Pow Wow Chow” that person would have to retire from politics in shame. Not so with Democrat Elizabeth Warren. She is not hounded out of politics by Democrats for claiming falsely to be 1/32nd Cherokee, who, by the way, never had “pow wows.”

From the Boston Herald here:

Elizabeth Warren was touting her claim of Cherokee heritage as early as 1984, according to a cookbook titled “Pow Wow Chow” edited by her cousin that includes Warren’s recipes for a savory crab omelet and spicy barbecued beans.

The cookbook, edited by Warren’s cousin Candy Rowsey, is a compilation of “special recipes passed down through the Five Tribes families,” according to the introduction in a copy obtained by the Herald.

Warren, who has been under fire for claiming Indian lineage despite a lack of documentation, is identified as “Elizabeth Warren, Cherokee” under each of five recipes she contributes in the cookbook, published in 1984 by the Five Civilized Tribes Museum located in Muskogee. Warren is not listed as an official member of the Cherokee tribe and she has been unable thus far to document her claim of any Native American heritage.

She offered a recipe on herbed tomatoes, touting them as a “great accompaniment to a plain meat and potatoes meal!” She also included a crab with tomato mayonnaise dressing dish and a Mexican oatmeal soup that included oats, onions, tomatoes and chicken broth.

“The soup sounds weird, but everyone who tries it, loves it!” Warren wrote.

Those recipes sound craptastic! Not only is she a fake injun, she is a fake cook too.

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