Russian SuperJet Smashes Into Indonesian Volcano

Russian. Superjet. Volcano. Epic fail. And the big kicker is that the name of the volcano sounds like a Vulcan name.

From NyDailyNews here:

MOUNT SALAK, Indonesia — Search teams who scaled a volcano’s steep slopes found at least 12 bodies Friday near the wreckage of a Russian-made jetliner that crashed in Indonesia during a demonstration flight for potential buyers, an official said.

All 45 aboard the Sukhoi Superjet-100 that crashed Wednesday are feared dead.

Many of the bodies found Friday had been torn apart in the crash, said Lt. Col. Oni Juniato of the Indonesian marines, whose search team found eight corpses before returning to base camp further down the mountain.

The jetliner slammed into the dormant volcano at nearly 800 kph (480 mph) during drizzle. Russian and French investigators have joined the investigation into the cause.

The Superjet-100 is Russia’s first new model of passenger jet since the fall of the Soviet Union two decades ago and was intended to help resurrect its aerospace industry.

Of course any plane crash is tragic. But a sales demonstration where your product becomes obliterated in a volcano?


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