Washed Up 80’s Band Thinks They Coined “Oh Yeah.”

One hit wonder band Yello is going to sue Karl Rove and his Political Action Committee because an anti-Obama campaign commercial uses the phrase “Oh Yeah” three times.

From Buzzfeed here:

Swiss electronica band, Yello — whose biggest hit, “Oh yeah,” was made famous in the final scene of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off— are objecting to what sounds like a sample of the track in an anti-Obama ad this week.
The commercial, titled “Cool,” was released by Karl Rove’s Super PAC American Crossroads, and mocks President Obama for being an ineffectual “celebrity.” Throughout the ad, a deep-voiced “Oh yeah,” similar to the one in Yello’s song, is repeated three times.
“Yello were not asked, and would not have given permission for such a political campaign,” band spokesman Peter Vizthum told BuzzFeed. “We’ll have the legal options checked here.”

Excuse me, but I think the Kool-Aid guy wants a word with you.

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